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unusual place

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I spent this new year party at the "Villa Dreams" from the neigborhood Frumoasa, very close to Manta Rosie. We were 15 teenagers but only the 6 of us wanted to go to se the Mansion Moruzzi. One friend of us who was there before told us that the Mansion belonged to the last executioner from iasi and the name "Manta Rosie" is it named like this because he had a red cape. Anyway at 10:15 pm the 6 of us left "Villa Dreams" and started our way to the mansion. The faster way was to go trough the forest but it was risky because it wasn't a well defined path. It took us like half an hour from "Villa Dreams" to Mansion Moruzzi but the hardest part was to get in  but we did it. Inside we were grouped like this : i was in front between 2 boys and behind our back 2 girls and one boy. We were warned cause there are dogs but we drove them away with firecrackers.We entered in the first building. Inside broken walls, broken roof but we don't look back. Our goals was : to find the room were was nailed a dog's paw, which we found it; a room were was wild boar or at least that's what we were told. After we called a friend and he give us the information that we need to go there we saw the door and she had a large and beautiful lacquer on her but we could feel the smell that comed behind that door. The third goal was to get to the cellar were Moruzzi killed people but  the entrance was blocked by  a fallen wall.  . So we decided to leave.



Your storry is captivating and from what I am reading I feel like that place really must be creapy. You and your friends were aparently really looking forward to making new and unforgetabble memories.I think that your story could have included more details and feelings. Overall, your story was really fun to read.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » unusual place