Dear Mrs. SMITH
Today I am writing this to you beacuse i found out from my friend's that the high school that you are leading is the best from that region. I am supposed to move in USA just because I want to take  part of your school.  I believe that the classes at "Western high school" are just how i want. I don't have too much wishes and i hope that is the school that fits me the best. First of all i want you to tell me if there is any food court in your school because  I am not used to USA high schools. Beside this,if you would accept my request of moving there i would be supposed to live in a different world. My new classmates wouldn't be a problem because I am a very open minded person and i consider that i would integrate in the class vary quickly.
Thank you for listening and i hope that i'll get a positive answer soon.

                         Best regards,
Harry O'neil