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admiral person

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I think every person has a model alive and I think my dad can always be one for me and for others. I am 16 years old and so far supported me in all the activities in which I was involved. In the earliest remembrance I remember being with him in the park and playing with him. made me all the lusts, bought me any toy I wanted, and always was next to me when, in the joy of the game, I fell and hit me. I was nine years old and he first taught me how to mention my balance on the bike. years have passed and now I see in him a person who can solve everything and who can make any situation possible. I always knew I could count on him. every time I had a problem to solve, he gave me the best advice every time. My father is not very tall, but in the shifts he is very strong because when I was a little I could throw up beyond the clouds. When I was a little girl, she had a black hair, but now that she was older she began to grow white hair. She has some green eyes with which she is watching me close. I honestly do not know what to do if it is not ....



That is so cute! I think itís amazing that are still teenagers who have models in life their parents! A good composition with strong points!😃


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » admiral person