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The Hobbit House

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A Tolkien's fan began to built the hobbit house in the 80's. since then, he continued adding details, that perfectly complement the fabulous theme. this comfy home has two bedrooms, an office, a bathroom, a kitchen and a fireplace. the house was dug in a hill and is built entierly of wood; from furniture to dishes they are all especially desugned to fit the environment of that tiny home. Grant ,its owner,is kind enough, to let visitors have a Hobbit experience similar to the ones in the movies.As a hobbit and Lord of the Rings fan I vow for the fact that ,eventhough it was designed as a copy of the original homes in New Zeeland, the owner bas managed to create a total replica.Now ,our fandom and hobbit comunity have something to brag about just as the Harry Potter comunity has, even though it does not reach the magnitude of the Hogwards School of Witchcraf and Wizadry replica . If you would like to pay him a visit,let him know in advance; do not just show up and ruin his breakfast .the house was originally built to serve as a home for him and  his family, but in time, he began to receive requests from potential visitors and in no time he started making money from what had becomea small family business.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » The Hobbit House