In our society, people have to conform to the rules and to wear clothes, act and have a different attitude depending on the context in which they are, so they could be called formal or informal.
But do we really need to dress and to act as the context wants us to or we could we be more relaxed and not even care about that?...
In my opinion, people should be as formal as possible in some situations and as informal as possible in other situations, but they have to stay true to themselves and not become a person they're not just because they have to do something.
Firstly, we have to conform to the place we are, in this way proving that we are belonging to it, that we are fitting in there, because there are situations where we have to be formal and situations where it's recommended to be informal. For example, there are places where you have to impose yourself to people and to win their respect (in many cases, at the work place) Also, there are situations where you have to be a little bit more relaxed. For example, when you are with your friends or when you go out and see a movie you should be less formal and more informal and closer to your real self.
Secondly, by being formal, you can get closer to other persons very hard, but being more informal helps you to make new friends easier. That is due to the fact that acting too formal (wearing formal clothes or addressing to other people very respectfully) makes you look like a superior person who is there just to do their job and not to get close to people (and that can be a good thing, because, in general, people don't want to make friends at work, they are there just to make money). Also, there are fields where you have to be informal too, because you have to get closer to people, to be empathetic. For example, when you are a therapist it's recommended to be friendlier and to try to get closer to people, to be more personal and to make them tell what's in their mind.
Admittedly, it's good to be formal, in that way earning others' respect easily and appearing more professional, but it's good to be informal too, because so you can get closer to people and make new friends.
In conclusion, we have to try and be formal or informal, depending on the situation we’re in.

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