Thuesday, 2nd November 2017

Today is a great day. Especially, will be a great evening.
I prepare for a reception. But morning i visit the city. Bucharest, the capital with the second biggest building in the world, isn't a small city, of course. I'm walking with my aunt, because she knows very well the city. I got the subway to not spend the day and visit more. I couldn't visit the Palace of  Parliament, but i visited the Cathedral of Patriarchy, near of the Palace. I returned "home" to my aunt and uncle.
Is a special day: i am invited  by Embassy of Russia, as winner of 1st etap of a contest of history organised by Embassy. I worked much, and for me is a honour to be invited (i want not to praise). I'm preparing my speech. I stayed too much to preparing. My uncle, bucharester, said me with his Vallachian accent : "Low move, Mitica, low move". He was military in his youth, he doesn't agree dawdling people. I like his soldierly character. He was a very poor, but ambitious child, who did follow the path of army. 
I'm eating, is afternoon. Then i prepare my clothes for the  meeting in the Embassy.
In the evening, a car rushes on the Kiseleff  boulevard, near the  Arch of Triumph. I'm  getting of out the car and am walking to the building and expect to open. I am afraid that they will not become me. But i showed the bulletin to the guards. Then i remembered that i forgott invitation. One guardian said to me: " Where are you invitation? You are in the list of guests?  Yes. Welcome"
In the building, had congratulated me various personalities. Mr. Ambassador gave me a prize: a marmor office clock, and a certificate. A russian cameraman had me took a photograph.
It was a very important day, in which I was rewarded for which i worked such more in summer.

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