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The best friend

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Almost every man has friends. But "the best-friend", it wins  with many effort.  Exist differit moments when we meet differit persons, who become our friends, and sometimes our best friends.

I write some tiers about my best friend, Silvan. I knew him when we were in the first class. He was very inteligent, as is he now.  His hair is dark, his eyes are brown, but his face is bright, his mind is opened. Is very polite: when you ask for something, he resolves the problem. So, me has happened to have a little accident (i had forgotten to close my bottle, and the water spiled on my books and notebooks), and he helped me. I thanked him for the help. Unfortunately, he moved away from our class, but we were in the same class in the 5-th.  We helped reciprocal many.  We met often outside, in the summer, when we were walking in the park. Others despised our friendship, and tried at all cost  to destroy it. But didn't succeed.

Because we were united, we are friends and today.



I like your idea of unity between friends, also, the fact that you pointed the envy's people of the who can be happy. And I agree with you: we should ignore that kind of people.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » The best friend