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Religion is any cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, world views or organizations, that relate humans to the supernatural or life after death.
In my opinion, people should be able to choose their own religion because in choosing for yourself, it makes it relevant in your life and experiencing it more enjoyable.
The first argument is that religion has a bigger impact in your life if itís your own choice to believe in it because it gives you a sense of control and itís what you think itís right for you. For example, if someone thinks that the religion that they were born in doesnít conform with what they believe in they should have the right to choose what fits them because it doesnít help neither of the sides to grow themselves.
The second argument is that choosing for yourself involves picking what fits with your belief system, increasing the chance that you will be content because it dodges the dissatisfaction of someone else making the wrong choice for you. For example, there are people that were raised as catholics and dread going to a Catholic Church because they donít believe in what is done there and it wasnít their decision to be a part of this when they were kids. If given the chance to experience another religion and find that it fits them, they should be able to choose the best for them.
However, for some people being introduced in a religion from a young age is a good thing because itís hard to know what you want until you had contact with it and religion is not as relevant as it used to be in the past for people, making it harder to be motivated to try by yourself.
In conclusion, people should be able to choose their own religion because it makes it more meaningful and enjoyable to experience it.



I love love love  the arguments you have enounciated in this essay and I totally agree with the idea that people should have the power to choose a religion that is in total harmony with their belief system. Even though I consider religion to be more of a form of mass manipulation, I still agree with philosophies that belong to a number of religions.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Religion