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Dear Diary (3)

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17th of January, 2018
Dear diary,
Today was one of the most peaceful and senseful days in a while. I have met my favorite French teacher and since she is always full of energy and counsels, we stayed at her house and talked about what’s new in our lives. She told me about the surprise that she had prepared for her son’s birthday. She never stops to amaze me with her creativity and caring heart. One thing is certain: her son will have one of the best birthday parties ever thanks to her. She planned out everything in detail: it will be a treasure haunt through the city. Many of the clues will be related to the things he loves most: favorite movie, character, favorite basketball team and so on… While I was listening her thrilled story of how she successfully organized every aspect of the surprise I could not help but think about how lucky her children are to have her as their mom. I also thought about how lucky I am to have met her. She has a great energy and she is certainly one of my blessings. ‘till next time!

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I really like your attitude to the former teacher and the description you have written.  Sometimes I remember the former teachers, especially my geography teacher. She was so elegant, peaceful and intelligent. Yeah .. Amazing days.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Dear Diary (3)