18th of January, 2018
Dear Diary,
I just cannot stand high school anymore. ....... Often comes in my mind the idea that something strange is happening to me, mostly because I live at different poles from one week to another. Unfortunately, this feeling of discontent does not seems to want to leave me and honestly, the only thing that I need right now is to turn into the most obnoxious hedgehog. Some of my teachers bore me to death, they want me to fill my head with useless information that they call ‘something that you will 110% need in your life, guys’. Could not disagree more! It is somehow frustrating how they only think about our stupid final exam. Literature is not literature anymore. Nothing is like it used to be, honestly. All of the sudden, everything seems to be related to this f***ing final exam that does not prove anything. Am I not clever enough? Am I stupid? Have I learned something all these years of high school? Have I studied enough? Yes? No? Maybe? How are they going to decide all these? Oh, well, it seems like they will use some not-so-random questions and based on how well I will manage to answer I can be categorized in maybe 3 or 4 categories (based on teachers’ thoughts): 1. Shame! Shame! Shame! – That’s the worst one; my teachers will ask themselves why the hell did they waste... their time on me… 2. Hmm.. It was clear as crystal that she is not capable of something more than a C. – No explanation needed. 3. Not that bad. Aaaand… *drums drums* 4. A+ ‘Oh, that’s marvelous! She couldn’t ......... score..... this result without my commitment and guidance. She did not do that much, actually, maybe a 30%, but the credit is clearly mine! Pff.. I did all the work here, let’s face it. I hope that BZI will spell my name right this time.’ I make all these scenarios in my head daily… I should go ......to filmmaking, after all, since this is the only thing I am interested in. I’ll see you with more drama in a few.

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