Dear Manager,
I am unhappy with the quality of service from your restaurant ĎíTaverna Ceahlau íí. 
First of all, when I arrived in the local in question I managed to find a better place to sit but it wasnít possible, despite the fact I reserved a table for me and my friend for Friday night. After 10 minutes, one of the waiters came to us and offered us a table near the bathroom and I can say, that table had the worst positioning I ever saw because when a women came out from bathroom she hit me in my head with the door.
The second thing is that the waiter who served us, spilt the soup on my sweater. I wanted some apologies  but he told me that it was my mistake because if I didnít want to help him to put the bowl on the table he didnít spilt it on me.
Also, I realized that he gave me another bill more expensive and he didnít want to solve this problem because Ďíhe didnít had time for me and my friendíí.
I would like to fix this problem so it will not happen again. If I donít hear from you in 15 days, I will lodge a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs in my country.
My contact number is 0434xxxxxx and my email is I am expecting an answer in legal time.
Your sincerely,