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Poor or rich

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So many people are judged by their conditions and looks. Money make an important part of everyones life. Rich people got  big houses, expensive designer chlotes and shoes, although not allways their caracters are kind And friendly. The rich have a lot of people around them trying to impress And Take advantage of their conditions And opportunities.
Then there are Poor people. Mostly They live in small places, in country sides or in one or two room flats and They are hard working with fear FOR tomorow’s meal. They are not the kind of people that are in the center of attention or apreciated for their money. The differences between Poor And rich are drastic so the two Kinds don’t usualy get along well. Rich people benefit from several prossibilities When the Poor ones have bad conditions.



What you have written here is absolutely correct. You really are right. However, this is not correct. People should always be people without care about a person's social status or social condition. This should happen especially among children. That's because kids are just looking for friends. A man, regardless of social status, is also a man and he can have a very big soul.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » Poor or rich