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You changed your opinion about somebody

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Each person changes itís personality as the time passes. A first impression about sb means a lot in making friends and choosing who you spend your time with.
So as the time passes ppl change and st our oppinions about them must change because They get to be wrong. As We decide to change somebodies label We have to keep an Eye on the new personality, life stile, friends And habits of the person in cause.
Our oppinions can be wrong sometimes so the ppl judged have the rirght to show you that your thoughts are wrong , but st ppl only want you to give them attention And you must not believe them.
So Take care whom you trust And keep the right oppinions about everyone.



It is true that people can change. But very few people really change. Many of them just pretend to have changed for some personal interests, and others change only at certain times, then return to their true behavior.
It is true that we also have to take care of our opinion about somebody, but we must not forget that the first impression counts.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » You changed your opinion about somebody