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I really love History and Mister Sitea boss. He is the best teacher os history in the school. He has a great personality, but the way that he puts the grades is awful. He organised a competition and my team was formed from: me , Izabella, Alice, Maria and Jullio. We got  32 points and we didn t  know how because  none of us knows history.
                The team where Mitica has been got a 10. It s logical because it s Mitica. The others cheated and this is not nice.. It was a really great experience and I felt Wanderful. I am glad  that Sitea is my teacher because I have so much to learn from him.



I agree with you. Is not fair a team have one who knows lessons and rest of them to have luck to be with him.
P. S. :You mean "wonderful" no "wanderful". :))


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » History