Most of the sundays I go to church.Well sometimes I am tired but I enjoy because I learn many life lessons.When you are kid you don t know what is good or bad.Well,in my case,I didn t know that if you are laughing at a sick kid(cancer) is good or bad.
    I was with my mom at a market and it was a bald girl and I was astonished and I was screaming at my mom that it was a bald girl in the market and my mom took me outside without telling me a word.On that sunday we went to church and the priest said that there are people with some problems like diabeties,cancer and in my mind I was thinking at that bald girl.The priest contiuned and said that they are still normal people and if we are staring at them and say to them I am so soryy we are just going to make them less happy.That was the moment when I realised that I should be more kind to others!! :love: