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I changed my opinion about somebody

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I hated a girl for like 4 years.You may ask,why?Well,it all started when I was in fifth grade.I was at school talking to my classmates when this girl called Dina came to us.She started to tell us that she is the best and that she will be the best kid in ous class.Turned out that she was the stupid kid in our class but I kept in my mind that she is a spoiled little girl and from that moment I just got hate on her.
     4 years later one of my friends came to my birthday party with his girlfriend.She was so nice and felt like she is ME.She was also into makeup like me and was 15 years old.I told her to tell me her name because I forgot it. She saidȘ Oh My God!You don t remember me?I am Dina!!!I WAS IN SHOCKED LIKE I COULDN T BELIEVE IT.And now we are best friends.You see how life  is?! One day you hate someone and 4 years later you spend all the time with that person! :rofl:



I love stories with happy endings and I think you do too! :))
But I have to say a few words about your writing, words that are not meant to annoy you or fill you with anger, but just to help you write even better compositions. Don t get me wrong i liked your compositon , i am here just to improve certain aspects.
Firstly, your writing tends to be too short. The topic is large so you could have written much more about what made you change your mind,  about the fact that now you are good friends and maybe about what yoy learned from this experience.
Secondly, you should add more grammar, because the one you used in this writing is ok, but i think you can do better. Try reading more in English, it really works believe me!
Good luck



A very nice story with a happy ending. I liked it very much because people can really change in time. And to give a person a second chance good be the best idea or the worst. It depends. In my opinion it could be longer with more action, but is very good even in this for.



indeed, so is life! definitely do not expect it! this has often happened to me!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » I changed my opinion about somebody