Driving has become a need for most of us, no matter what age. Also, driving a car brings more and more enthusiasm among teenagers, especially those who do not want to depend on their familyís car or mom/dadís schedule anymore. Driving and owning a car at a young age has both advantages and disadvantages for teenagers themselves and the other road users as well. People have always been interested in this topic, because of its pivotal importance. I believe that one should drive a car as soon as possible for a number of reasons.
    Firstly, you can gain the independence that all teenagers crave for. Getting a driving license allows teenagers to transition from childhood into adulthood; it gives them some sense of independence because they made something all by themselves, without having their parents interfere. Plus, it would stimulate their level of confidence because of the ability to have more control over where they go, with whom and for how long.
    Secondly, along with a car and a driving license there comes a great sense of responsibility. One must take care of his car, of the gas, traffic rules, be aware of everything that is or may appear on the road and act in a proper way. He is not only responsible for his life, but also for the other road usersí life. This is overwhelming for teenagers, but some of them are ready for this type of responsibility and find it manageable.
    Admittedly, teenagers may not be quite mature in some ways and they often do not realize the impact of texting or drinking while driving has. Studies have shown that only 65% of teens wear their seat belts regularly. Due to their recklessness (texting, not wearing the seat belt), many youngsters are involved in car accidents every year (almost 80,000 since 1989).
    However, there is nothing that cannot be fixed. Teenagers are not the only ones who can be easily distracted, it can happen to anyone. They will never learn to stand for themselves, to gain independence and be responsible as long as we do not allow them to at least try it.
    To conclude, while youngsters may not be totally ready to own a car and all the responsibilities that come with it, I say that they should be allowed to try it out, see if it suits them and somehow gain a great amount of confidence and independence, so when the time comes, they will be definitely ready to hit the road.

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