Nowadays, being fashionable is more like a state of mind, a condition on which you can be labeled. The good news is that you get to choose: be as fashionable as everyone else and you will be accepted by the society or dress in whatever you want even if it is off-trend, but do not expect – in most cases – some signs of sympathy from ‘The Fashion Police’. Now more than ever, the fashion industry is referred......[prepozitie]  as ‘fast fashion’ because its trends tend to disappear as fast as they come out. They are not meant to last.
     People have always shown interest in fashion industry and what it produces. I believe that we should not follow fashion trends for a number of reasons.
     Firstly, the main purpose of the fashion trends is to sell clothes. Fashion trends have never been more difficult to follow than these days. It is believed that the fashion industry is designed to make you feel ‘out of trend’ after one or two weeks and clothing is designed to fall apart, so you would have to renew your wardrobe at least twice a week in order to keep up with the latest trends.
     Secondly, we should dress in what we like. It is me who gets to choose what to wear every day, not some foreign designer. One knows best what suits him and what does not, because he has his own personality and preferences. Also, when it comes to fashion, one must sustain diversity; this diversity will be lost within two or three years if people insist on following the same stylish trends and choose similar clothing.
     Admittedly, ........ fashion industry also includes items that have become statements. These types of items may represent a sign of well-being (actually, they will only make you look rich in front of your friends), but it might make you feel happy or appreciated. These items are often of high quality and totally worth their price.
     However, in the hope that not everybody suffers from snobbery or wants to be envied by his group of friends, the clothes you wear do not put a stamp on you. We should not think in terms of trends, we can also express our identity based on the clothes we choose to wear, not the ones that others have chosen for us.
     To conclude, while ..... fashion industry includes items of high quality, I say that we should not follow fashion trends or even try to be as fashionable as possible, because all these trends diminish one’s creativity and make us all look the same. We should definitely not feel compelled by all these temporary, meaningless trends that diminish your individuality and offend with their poor quality items sold at very high prices. One must try not to become a victim of fashion.

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