Dear diary,
I was so scared to go to highschool. I was scared to meet new people, to have new teachers, new school, everything new. I was the only one of my friends who did't want to start school. The first two days I was shy and withdrawn, but then I realized that my classmates are the best I could have. At least, some of them.
I found a deskmate so easily. She is funny and friendly. Soon I made new friends, girls that are nice and amazing. I could talk so easily with them and I felt like I had known them for a lifetime.
The teachers are of all types. Some of them are good, some of them are less good. The important part is that most of them are openminded, they communicate with us, care about our future.
              Dear diary,
It's been two weeks since I started the school. I made some friends, not many, but good. We went out, we had a lot of fun. We started to behave like we're old friends. There are some kids that don't integrate. I tried to talk to them, but they don't seem like they want to talk to me.
Whatever, the teachers started to listen to us from the lessons taught. I got some good marks. I like the Romanian language class, the English class and the History class. Even though I didn't like History in school, I love it now. I guess it depends the teacher. If you like the teacher, you like the class that he teaches.

             Dear diary,
Today is my sister's birthday. She's 10 years old now. We don't have the best sisters relationship, we're not "BFF" goals, we fight for the RC. When my mom comes from shopping The Third World War is happening between us. She takes my stuff, my clothes, my make-up. She destroyed my science notebook once. Sometimes I say that I hate her, but we both know that this is not true.
When we fight, my mother dresses us reconciliation T-shirt. It's a weird thing. It is a large T-shirt, maybe XXL, in which we both fit. She lets us stay in it until we talk to each other.
However, I am going to take her on a walk, maybe at cinema. We can watch a Disney Movie, or anything childish.

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