Can a person be loved by everyone? I donít think so, because we have different ways of thinking so we can have different opinions on things or even people.  So, the term ía person that everybody lovesí canít actually be real, itís just an ideal we tend to wish for. Itís not a bad thing to wish to be loved by everyone because that can actually motivate you to be kind-hearted with everyone. But even if you smile at everyone, even if you donít gossip and even if youíre kind to everyone, somebody will envy you or hate you. But that shouldnít stop you from being yourself. I love to make my friends and even strangers smile and I donít hate anyone because I think that this world is already full of hate and I donít know why people waste time and energy on hating. Hate makes you ugly, not only mentally, but physically too. I stopped envying peopleís success and I started to support them and wish for their best even if they hate me. I realized that this brings me happiness. I wish to be a person that everybody loves. I wish to make everyone smile and elevate their mood everytime they talk to me and I think that all of these wishes will motivate me to become, maybe only in my vision, a person that everybody loves.