I was only 4 when I saw the Black Sea for the first time and I still remember that day and I will never forget it because it means a lot to me.
It was August, the sun was warming my neighbourhood and my mother came to me and told me that we  were going to the beach. I didnít know what she meant by that and I was very confused.  Back in 2006, we didnít have a car, so we had to take the train to go there.  I remember staying up all night in the train because the sound it was making was just too loud for me to fall asleep. Eveyone was asleep and I was watching the stars and asking them,ĎWhen are we going to get there?í but I didnít get an answer. I fell asleep then I woke up in my dadís arms and we had already arrived. My sister was jumping with excitement and with the biggest smile on her face. I was very confused and tired and I didnít realize what was going on until I heard my mom saying ĎLook, itís the sea!í.  I looked around and I saw it. It was beautiful as always. I went ashore and cold water touched my feet. I screamed and my parents started laughing at me. I remembered being so happy. I remember looking for the most beautiful sea shells with my sister. I remember having the greatest time in my life at the beach.
Everytime Iím going to the beach, I have the same feeling  I had when I saw it for the first time. It just beautiful, the sound of it and how a huge fireball melts in itís waves everyday. It always takes my soul to another world, and I feel calm, I feel alive. I How can you hate the beach when itís so beautiful?