School education is the cornerstone of one’s personality. School serves numerous purposes, among which building a network of acquaintances or friends who experience similar struggles and can help you during the most difficult times. Paying their children for going to school or for good results seems to be a practice for some parents, but not as efficient as they thought, at the very least.
      People have always shown interest in how to reduce the dropout rate or how to motivate their children’s degree of involvement in the process of getting good grades. I believe that children should not be paid for their school results for a number of reasons.
      Firstly, money cannot buy cleverness, motivation or school success. One cannot put a price on children’s success in school. Plus, payouts are not a guarantee for the future success one wants for his children. Instead of getting paid for every result, children should work hard in school for the main purpose of education: a proper thinking, a mind filled with knowledge and some life skills. A great number of studies have shown that over time ‘rewards dampen excitement about a task’, so payouts are not for the long-run.
      Secondly, money is not the REAL reward. These children who want to be paid for their good results should consider the fact that they are learning for themselves, not for anyone else; the real beneficiary of an education is them. Parents need to give their children some help in the process of developing essential school skills that they need in order to succeed. Rather than paying for grades, parents must help children cultivate some sense of responsibility, life skills that will be needed and at some point, love of learning.
      Admittedly, these wages will reduce the dropout rate. They will consider learning something worth working for and would be more motivated to go to school if they were paid.
      However, this will only be a waste of money. Economically, the government would struggle even more trying to pay every student. Millions of dollar would be lost without a huge or real benefit for the country. They can obtain good grades with our without payments that will eventually ruin the state’s economy.
      To conclude, while paying for good results may reduce the dropout rate, I say that payments are not a good idea because this type of reward would send a clear message: one must work hard not to fill his mind, but his wallet.
      More and more attention must be payed on the educational system and on the ratio between the way we see something and the way it really is. Payments may seem a good tool at the very beginning, but harmful for children’s way of thinking at the very least.
‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.’ (Albert Einstein)

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