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Dear jurnal

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Dear jurnal,

Today i found a method by which you can exceed in the department you like.
It's a technique called "1000 hours" and if you give some time to your passion in some years you can be at the world's level and to be that, i think it's really great.
So, dear jurnal, from tomorrow i will start doing what i like everyday, for some time so that later i will think that i didn't waste my time.
You, the one who reads this, try this technique, it will sure work and you won't regret it! From tomorrow, be determinant, sing for some hours, dance for some hours, draw or write some lyrics. You have to do what you like without stopping!



I love this technique ,and I try everyday to make something what I like ,but for a shorter period of time .But even 5 minutes of sports , because that's what I like to do , improve my state of mind , and my mood . Congratulations for sharing that self-improvement  method


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear jurnal