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The perfect person

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Everybody is looking for a model in life, a person to inspire you. Although the perfect person not exist, I try to describe one.
I have taken from the real world a quality from each of the people I know to form this "perfect person".
First of all, that person needs to know what respect is. He has to respect himself and those around him. Then, he has to be smart. Being intelligent, he will also have humor, because good jokes can not be made by "less intelligent people". Then, that person has to be nice to everybody but not pretend. All his gestures must come from the heart. So, he has to be a person who wants and likes to help others when you know can help them.
That person knows how to socialize easily, has patience with others, is not afraid to talk in public. He is a bold, takes risks, has many ideas and successfully applies it. He is an organized person, he has a program from the beginning, but it does not mean he can not be spontaneous sometimes. In my opinion, that's a perfect person looks like.

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I like your idea of ​​how a person should be perfect and I think it would be quite interesting to have such a person in reality but at the same time I think it is better that there is no perfect person,because being imperfect is the best thing you can do. Being imperfect means you have the chance to become better every day. A perfect person would not have this chance, so her life would probably be rather dull.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » The perfect person