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Dear Diary

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Dear Diary,
   Two days ago I had a wonderful experience at A.T.O.R.. I met a lot of interesting people with the wish to become better and to learn new things.We met each other saying our names, class and to have successful conversation every day .After that we spoke about conversation and it's forms,after that we divided in groups of three or four and we did different activities. The priest was a pleasant man who teached us useful things.At the end we hugged each other and said good bye . I spent an amazing Saturday and I hope to meet them at the next A.T.O.R. metting.
   When I arrived home, being so impressed and  I began to tell all my impressions to my family and  they were happy because of my participation in this educational project.I am very thankful for that day!

                                                                       Bye my friend!

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What a nice coincidence !! And I go  to A. T. O. R.! I also had the same feelings at the first meetings. I think it is very good to dedicate ourselves to spiritual  life and to try to be better, more gentle and sincere with each other! What I like most are the deep conferences that develop you in an unmistakable way! Congratulations to the entire association for these activities!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear Diary