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That's a problem

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The poor is hated even by his own neighbour , but the rich hath many friends. You are rejected and hated if you do not have  money.
I don't make any difference between poor and rich people.For me all of them are the same.It's hard to accept that someone discriminates other people if they are homeless and can't buy a new pair of jeans,reserving their time for something more ''important'' as they think.Therefore, thinking about all these ,i can say that ,nowadays,we are devoid not just of money,but also of soul.We become dirtier day by day .We have degraded and became robots .
     On the other hand, many times i saw persons sleeping on park benches no matter how cold it  is outside and everywhere i look i can see people destroying the 7th iphone.That's inhuman ,that's not right and i don't know what's  worse - to have nothing, or to want everything.There are lot of different people,but it doesn't matter as long as we aren't afraid to be ourselves and not to be ashamed to stay close to a homeless man,because we are rich as long as we keep humanity in our hearts.In conclusion,I would like to say that throughout my life i've observed that some person had huge plans and big ideas,but had no money ,as well as we  saw people Who know nothing about bussiness,but had a lot of money earned by their parents.Sometimes life is cruel ,but i believe that ,one day,humanity will win .



I agree with your opinion! We should think more about helping people in need, and Ronald Reagan's words can motivate anyone: ,, We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." .


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » That's a problem