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The most disgusting place

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Last summer, my family and I planned a trip to Las Vegas. Because we did not know anything about this city, some friends recommended us a hotel about they said it was very beautiful. Everything was planned and we were very nervous to get there and enjoy a few days far away from home. We took the plane to San Francisco where we spent some time visiting a few places, than we drove to Nevada.
Unfortunately, nothing happened the way we wanted it to happen. In a small town our car broke down. My father called a car service and those people told him they could fix that, but it would not be ready until the next day. We had to leave the car there and go to the nearest hotel until we could leave Las Vegas. We were very impressed the hotelís architecture full of details. At the moment I wanted to spend all my holiday in that place. When I walked into the building, the first thing I noticed was the very high ceiling and the red color which dominated the room. We went to the reception and a nice old woman handed us the key to our room. The hotelís halls were narrow and full of stuffed dead animals, I didnít like at all. My sleep was interrupted by some loud noises. When I turned on the lights on to see where the noises where coming from, I saw lots of rats who were walking on the floor. At the moment I was very scared so my scream woke up my parents apparently were not disturbed by the noises. We took our stuff and went out of the room as soon as we could. When we asked the old lady to explain the situation, she told us that what we had just seen existed for many years and that she couldnot change it. The owner of the hotel has an obsession with rats because he thinks that rats are the smartest rodents and that the stuffeddead animals that we saw on the halls are another obssesion. The man keeps the animalís blood in bottles so that both the body and the blood, the liquid of life, remain intact. We went immediately the closest hotel.
That hotel is the most disgusting and scary place where I went in my life and I certainly wonít come back there.

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I am so sorry for your ruined trip! it's awful to know that you are waiting for something to be fantastic and it's just the opposite... and that obsession with rats and blood it's disgusting! iwould've die in there knowing that there is blood in bottles. But you should give Las Vegas another chance and just forget about this unhappy experience. You know the words: what happenes in Vegas stays in Vegas! :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The most disgusting place