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You learnt a lesson

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When you are born you donít know anything because you are a baby. So every day since that moment you learn. I am not going to make an inspirational story where everything seams straight out of a fairytale story. NO. I will write about something that itís true and that itís happening everywhere and almost to anyone.
   When I was in 8 grade I became friends with a girl that was  shy. She didnít have many friends and she was very happy when I talk to her.  She wasnít a close friend of mine, but we still got along just fine. I will name her in this story Cat. Cat wasnít a striking beauty. She was bullied for her weight and fashion choices. I felt really bad for her.
     One day, when we wore hanging out I saw in her bag some diet piles and I became instantly worried for her. I just didnít know what to do or what to say but I knew I had to talk to her. So when I got some courage I confronted her. Cat started to cry and she told me how much she hates the way she looks and the way people talk to her. I just couldnít believe how much somebody suffered I didnít see it. I felt ashamed at myself. I   knew I had to do something to help her other than lessening to her. So I came with the idea of going together at the GYM.
   New we donít talk anymore because we are at different high schools but I know she is doing way better.
     So I learned that everybody needs somebody to talk to.



I like your conclusion and story also. Indeed we should be open-minded and talk to everyone. We should don't look at the appearance, because they are deceitful, and we should don't listen anytime to other's opinion, because they could be blind. :cool:



I like your story.I like because it's true.I think we shouldn't make friends like they look or dress. All people are equal and we shouldn't  judge.It's very important to have someone with we can talk openly about our problems and with whom let's try to get over them.🖒



We and when we are old, is good to learn something. Learning from our mistakes is only way to "go through life", like a normal man, because arrogance destroys us. 

I was in summer camp in Constanța, when I, with my mates from a teather squad, were going to recite each lyrics. We  were going and to swimming pool after the program, but my matter was that i didn't knew swimming. But I hadn't find it that a difficulty. When I was there, I went often  to the sea. I had thought that in the sea is same thing, that in the pool. That I, with my mates, went to Aquamagic. Headstrong was I, when  the teacher who was with us said me not to  go with the rest of my friends and mates because they can well to swim and I can not, but I didn't heard her. I was with a friend on a safety belt. I unbalanced and had fall in water. I was short, the water was deep. Suddenly, I had seen two  hands streched to me, and I catched one of them. then they took me out from the water.
The teacher, scared, had me rebuked  for  my stubbornes. I had me remembed that I will be dead, if they wouldn't helped me. Over one year, I had the luck to do some courses of swimming and I learned to swim. I learned some important, that arrogance and obstinacy will destroy me if I will be that with people close to me.

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I love your point of the story because it's actually relatable. Many people, especially girls, are being bullied for their appearance and everybody needs someone like you, someone they can talk to about everythink, someone they can trust. I hate that people don't realize how much you can hurt someone just by saying mean words, but we have to stay strong.  I am sorry about your friend but I'm glad she is ok because of you and I'm glad you helped her, you are a true friend.



Many people are bullied in this way and we don't notice it. I think every single one of us got bullied in a certain way at least once. We all know how and why it hurts and so we should step over the appearance of a person and discover what's on the inside of their hearts and minds. We would be very surprised of what we would find out. We should help each other, no matter who the person is or who we are, and what you did for this girl is a really good start and a hope that humanity didn't fall so badly.
I wish the world was filled with people with a good heart like yours.


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