Carolina, a beautiful 16-year-old girl, has learned the lesson of her life. Carolina is the only one in her parents, so she gets everything she wants. Everybody called him Caro.
          As she walked quietly through the park near her home, she saw a girl who seemed to be the same age as she. The girl was walking around the roller skirts, she looked very good at having clean clothes. Claudia walked for a while while observing the little girl as she walked with the rollers in and out without having to go with her. After a while, Caro noticed the girl crying and approaching her, but without making a noise, then asked, "Why are you crying? "Then the little girl with a voice suave, and between the sighs she replied," I fell, and I struck, would you please help me to get up? " Hearing this, Carolina helped her and put her on a bench. The two girls started talking. The girl who hit her up calling Claudia and going to the same school with Caro. The two started either very good friends say anything. When she thinks Claudia, a sister gave her her most beautiful clothes. Some said that Claudia took advantage of poor Caro.
           One day Carolina saw a street man with a dog after him. The man simply stood without asking for money, stood and cared for his dog. While looking at him the girl fell, the man tried to help her, but she said not to touch her because it would dirty her.
           The next day, the two girls together with others friends went out to ride a bicycle. Claudia brought a black box to her, this girl said it was a gift for Caro. She opened the box and jumped out of her a big rubber snake , Carolina was so scared that she got back and stumbled and fell into a ya. They all started to laugh. Nobody took her and they left screaming "Caro is a cow!".There was a  man, was the same man yesterday, he went into the pond and helped her out. The man said, "It doesn't matter what we do or how we are, we must learn to understand and help each other , because we are all the same, even if it does not seem." Caro apologized for yesterday.
            Then Carolina  realized a lot of things .She has learned that she doesn't have to judge people by the way they are dressed and that she  should choose their friends with more care.