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You changed your opinion about somebody

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Two years ago I met a boy, Joel. He always dressed in black, never smiled, and every time someone asked for his help he refused. My opinion about him was that he was an angry, ingenfetted, selfish, cold and pessimistic.
         One day, the Romanian teacher  told us who we would team up for a presentation. The team was 2 kids. I was in team  with Joel.
         In this presentation we have to get our colleagues to watch a movie. The teacher gave each team a film of her choice. We got "Are you dancing with me?".
         In this film there are many scenes in which people dance salsa so it would be interesting to do it too. I called Joel to a dance hall, although it was hard to get him because he refuses to come and he is very stubborn. When I told him my idea he started to scream he disagreed and that's the worst idea he heard. After finishing  scare me he left. The next day he left me a note on my bench, write that he's sorry and that we can see at the dance hall. When I got there he told me his story. He he was a very good dancer of any kind, the dance was his life. That until one day the important competition fell to the public and the jury. Some of the room started to laugh. He was so humiliated that day that he never danced or enjoyed anything. I can not believe it, the boy I judged suffered something so ugly. After he finished the story he told me that he would help me to learn salsa for presentation. While we were preparing, we started talking a lot so we came to talk every day and every hour.
          We took 10 at the presentation. But the most important thing is not that I have a good note but the fact that I have a new friend.



It is a life lesson that emphasizes the idea that we should not judge people too easily. I'm glad you had a great experience, after which you made a new friend.



'Don't judge a book by its cover' that is what everyones says but I found myself in your story. I met a girl and I thought the same things as you of her and I thought she hated me and now we are best friends. We often forget about that saying but I'm glad you end up with a new friend!  :D Great story!



I loved your story. It really is something out of a story. I guess that we all need to stop judging people by their cover. Everyone has a story underneath that shell in which they hide.



This story is really touching, in the second part it made me feel vulnerable. It is really amazing how we discover such things about people we barely know, getting to break the barrier and see the real side of them: the sensitive one. After all, we all have this side that we hide from the world by smiling, laughing, and even by showing anger, because we are too scared to let people see how we really are on the inside.
It is a really beautiful story, I hope you two are doing well :)



Your story is like a short movie that I have just watched. It proves one more time that everyone has a story behind him and we should always be kind to each other. I'm glad that you changed your opinion and that you found a new friend, it's good for you. Hope you also learned something important from your story.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » You changed your opinion about somebody