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Dear diary

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Dear diary,

Today I finally decided to go outside and do some exercise, because I was so bored of staying in bed all day. Even though I didnít feel like going because of what happened last week, but you cannot live in fear all your life. So, I decided to take my bike for a ride.
I did not know where I was going, I was just riding to nowhere and listening to music. After a while I realized that I donít know where I am and I started to panic, but in the same time I put my mind to work to find a solution out of this problem. I decided to turn my bicycle and try to retrace my steps. After a few hours I found my way back home.
Happy that I got out fine from that situation I did not saw what was to come. A pack of dogs right in front of me and because I did not slow down they started to follow me barking. I was so scared that I started to paddle faster and faster. A person that lived in the area comes out on the street and when he saw what was happening started to call out the dogs and I was very surprised when I saw that they were listening to him and going back happy to see him.
I escaped and I got home safe and sound. Today I learned that no matter wat happens in the end everything will be fine so I should not warry so much on stupid thoughs.



I read this text and I was expecting you to find the house, but the part with the dogs was unexpected. If we were to think about the idea of the story, we can realize that in any situation there is a way to escape. It always has to be even the slightest trace of luck. But this trace of luck must be used. Otherwise, it is useless. In your story, luck was that person. A common but pleasant story.  :jumping:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear diary