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You got lucky

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Chloé is a tall girl, blonde, she has blue eyes. She has a happy life. She has good notes in school, she goes out with her friends in the city over the weekend, she understands her family well. She likes to dance, to paint, she likes all about art. And they love to help people, she can not get past a man who needs something, she can solve any problem.
            One day Chloé went quietly to the schoolhouse, suddenly saw an old man trying to get up but could not because his cane was a few yards away from him. The girl did not care too much immediately he helped him. After he gave him the baton and helped him get up, this old lady smiled and told him she was a special girl and that her goodness had to be rewarded. The bargain took out a brown box with some drawings on her. When she tried to put her in the girl's hand, she said that she did not need to find a taxi to get home. She turned back for a moment with her old man and when she wanted to look again at he had disappeared. All that remained was the box. The girl took it.
             When he arrived home, Chloé did things as usual, ate, wrote his homework, and so on. When he got in bed to sleep, he saw a light coming out of the candle he had received. He opened the box and it it seemed like a small and cute creature. She told her not to be afraid. She portrayed herself as a Moko, a small creature that is given by the great masters of those who have a pure heart. Chloé seemed funny to his name, Zimbu. Well, Zimbu told her it was her lucky night because he would take her to the world of Mokisma, his country.
               When they got there the girl was amazed at first when she was much larger than the rest. And then she was received very nicely. She liked the food most, they were strange but very sweet fruits. She wanted to stay there for the same. He did not want to break up Zimbu, so he decided to stay with her on Earth.
               From that day, they became inseparable and though she could not tell anyone about it, she felt the luckier girl because she had Zimbu.

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Your story is very interesting. And definitely different. It's like a story for kids. Sure, that girl was lucky. Always goodness must be rewarded. Because there are not many very good people. How many people going down the street would help an old man cross the street? Certainly not too many. That sadly. The world should be better.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » You got lucky