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The third narrative composition - I learned a lesson

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A very important lesson for my life !

          I have learned an important lesson for my personal development. This is specifically related to the quote "To be great, work is needed in the proportion of ninety-nine per cent." (William Faulkner).
          ..... Long time ago, through the sixth grade, I do not always learn seriously. I was very superficial on all matters. I've always been active on facebook, I've always finished my themes quickly, or I've been finished quickly during the pauses, I always did not listen to my parents. They wanted to finish with a good average at the end of the year. I did not care at all about this.
          With the passage of time, my notes were five, seven and eight. Very bad results! Bloody! Parents often argued me. I did not have access to facebook, snapchat, instagram ... no longer had access to the TV! My life was ruined. My friends were requesting me more and more often. ”Let's go to the cinema, the restaurant and  various parties.” They fascinated me all this, they gave me the feeling of freedom, relaxation, fun! I could not imagine the consequences of this relaxation being terrible.
          My little brother started not to talk to me anymore. He was a nerd, and I was his opposite. Very disappointing! I really felt sick when my parents got mad at me and my brother was not talking to me anymore.
          One day, I made the decision to copy to a test. I was demonic then. I had not learned anything before, so I decided that a crib ........ is right for that moment. I was jolly because I would get the maximum mark due to the crib ...... . But was it as I imagined? Not !!! Unfortunately, the teacher discovered my crib ...... !!! Come on, what a tense moment! I could not come back, I really did not know what was going on with me then!
          I was sick, so I had to leave the classroom. I was in the school cabinet and the doctor told me that because of my horror the pain was a long time. But what note did I get ?! Four? Not !  Two? No, I received the "one" note.
          ....... Parents were disappointed. But I was the most disappointed. Since then, I have been constantly fighting. I have always learned, so in the second half-year I had 9,75. In the first semester my average was 9,21. A great difference between environments, a great difference between what I was, what I am and what I will become.
Gradually, things have changed. I am happy that I have always learned and that I have taken good marks in exams. Moreover, I am glad that today I came to a very good school, that I managed to make my parents proud! I am happy because I have rediscovered myself and today I am the man I am!

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The first narrative writing - Describe your experience watching a film at ”Iulius Mall”

     Last week I was at a movie at Iulius Mall with two friends. The name of the movie was "Avengers: Infinity War", part one. Honestly, at first there were a lot of commercials. It was known that the film would last for two hours and half an hour of that time was dedicated to commercials only.  What boredom !! Then  the "adventure" began.
    Even now I do not know a lot the movie characters because I do not generally watch movies like this. I have retained some names like Thanos, Thor, Gamora, Quill, Tony, Proxima, Cull and Corvus. I realized the film was SF . What I disliked was the very hard fight scenes and the development of procedures by which the magic stones were recovered by the supreme monster, Thanos.
    As the avengers and their allies continue to protect, as a team, the world from threats too big to be faced any of them on their own, a new danger emerges from the darkness of the cosmos: Thanos. A cinematic journey without a precedent of ten years in the realization and expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers and their superheros allies must be willing to sacrifice everything in an attempt to defeat the pre-empowered Thanos before his devastating attack destroys the universe . A tyrant of intergalactic dishonesty, Thanos wants to get hold of all the 6 Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to impose his evil will on the whole reality.Everything they tried to defend, all the villains they have fought so far, everything seems to have led the Avengers to this moment when the fate of Earth and existence itself becomes more uncertain than ever.
   I remember all these things . No significant details. I was shocked throughout the movie as conflicts and physical confrontations cut off my breath. My friends were accustomed to this atmosphere of suspense and adventure, but I was not. The tragic end has entrusted me that this is not the end, and that the second part will also follow, where the endless one will be encouraging.

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The second narrative writing - Describe your experience witnessing an accident

    I am convinced that summer childhood holidays have given me some of the most exciting moments of my life. From the wonderful moments in which I took advantage of the long-awaited thrill that holiday days allowed me, I remember, for example, how, one afternoon in June, I went to my grandparents' village joyfully where I was going to spend , no doubt, two weeks full of suspense.
    I didn't  feel good  in my grandparents' court,when  a bunch of friends met me, proposing to start looking for bird nests. The idea seemed promising from the very beginning, so I accepted the invitation full of delight. After I left things in the room, I began to run to a forester on the edge of the village  I already knew quite well. From the entrance, I saw a terrible tall oak tree and, on top of it, a beautiful nest - a nightmare, probably- that turned my eyes away. I was confused : I would go up to the top of the tree and steal all the eggs of the birds to impress my friends.
     Indeed, at first, it did not seem complicated, I quickly arrived at the destination and started to carefully place the eggs in my t-shirt pocket. Soon, I noticed that the nightgown turned angry toward me and was ready to attack me, so I was unbalanced, and I was horrified that a blow was inevitable. I felt my legs hanging from the branch and my body moving, unwillingly, to the ground. The moment I started to fall, unfortunately, my shirt hung on a smaller twig. A terrible pain overwhelmed me, because I had struck he trunk of the tree, and ,more seriously, the branch was about to yield, and I was still at a height. I was extremely scared, I was starting to shake, frighten at the idea of ​​a possible accident. My friends, who were left behind, were watching me horrified. There was no time for fear, and in a few seconds the inevitable occurred: I fell and struck the ground: I felt I could not move, and my alarmed buddies called the village doctor. Once the doctor arrives he realized I had broken a leg and carried me carefully to the dispensary.
    The experiment cost me, unfortunately, two weeks spent in bed, during which all my friends had fun, but I hope that I will not have such so risky adventures too soon [/color]   and I have learned, of course, an important lesson from all this misfortune.

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The third narrative writing - Describe your experience in the ugliest apartment / house you have ever seen

  In the hot days of June, the city had been invaded by barbarians. Including houses, apartments, all in fact. They were more frightening than scorpions, snakes and spiders. Barbarians have come to my house as well. Could not make exception !!!!
  With their gray clothes, fitted with metal helmets and beats in their hands, they seemed to get out of the depths of the earth to punish the beings that did not resemble them. It was rumored that beards, glasses, jeans, and short skirts would raise their anger worse than anything else.
    I saw them from a distance, when I was a few yards to the entrance of the living room. I rushed, but I realized it had been a mistake, because they started to run for me, voicing. But I had time to get into the biggest room in the whole house and lose myself in it. I went into the hiding beside the couch and beside the huge wardrobe at the entrance, then headed for the mother's jewelry collection, where I have always looked without stopping at some unimaginable treasures or, rather, some invaluable gems. Going over all this, I noticed that the whole place was changed: much darker, with a lot of monsters all the way. Very strange, right?
    It was there, near a showcase, a small, dark space, a place where I could nest, hoping no one would find me. I waited an endless time, deciphering the near and distant sounds, until I heard the booming of the boots and the curses of those who were looking for me. They stopped in front of the tableware and there was silence. I could hear them breathing hard and counting in seconds to control my fear. Then a noise of broken glass, of fragments that spread on the floor. And silence. Later I got out of the hiding places and saw the plates that disappeared. Everything is lit up and my house looks better than ever. Where did the barbarians and the bad dream disappear?

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The fourth narrative writing - Describe your experience shopping in EGROS

   after the display of  the results of the National Evaluation , I went with my dad in the  bicycle store in the complex EGROS to get my prize for the mark 9,30. I was very excited because I was going to have my first "real" bike, big men's bike! We got into the tram - I already said "Bye" in my mind, knowing that the next day I would just ride a bicycle - and we crossed the city through the hot sun of July.
    A gentleman told me: ”The EGROS commercial complex offers its clients leather goods, clothing, footwear, but also foreign exchange services, dry cleaning, stamps, hair salon, retouch shop, pharmacy, cafes, children's playground, automatic teller machines and pastry or fast food. Men have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products at affordable prices in a modern space that guarantees the convenience of a shopping session.”

  Going into the store, we were stopped by a very presentable gentleman with a tie and sunglasses who told us not to buy the bike from that place because he could "get" a special, cheap and ultraperforming one, equipped after the latest fashion. Dad asked him politely to leave us alone, because we have other plans, but Mr. continued more and more vehemently, pulling out of the bag some very "convincing" pictures, with suntanned girls and young men full of muscles pedalling elegantly. Being scared, I looked at one, the other, seeing my shattered dream. My father finally turned to the leader of the shop, who called the police, where I found out that the "master" was well-specialized  in "tuning" the stolen bicycles, namely, their cosmetic and ostentatious equipment
   Now, riding my bike, I remember the scene of police film that I lived in the EGROS complex!

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The first narrative writing - The most unusual neighbour

  I can not wait to see Ramona, my best neighbor in the block! Being a holiday, we have time to stay together, to get to know each other better and to do things we like.
  It's simple to me because I know that I will follow the human profile at the high school year and I will continue to be part of the editorial staff of the magazine and the volunteer club of the city library. But Ramona is more complicated because she does not know what to choose: parents want her to enter a class of natural sciences, her grandmother urges her to go to the informatics profile to become an economist, I call him that foreign languages ​​fit it. And Ramona want to become a tennis player.
  We head to the museum where we plan to spend the day:
- I'd like to visit the aquarium! Ramona tells the lady at the entrance. We also go to the section that has a rare book - I might have a project in this year - and do not forget about "History of tennis"! Also tick the list and "Traveling around the globe", it's not clear if I can not find anything that interests me for the future.
  - My dear, it is impossible to visit all these sections of the museum in two hours. Do not you want to see them tomorrow?
   - No, I want it now!
- All right, but it takes about three hours for each.
- It does not matter!
I retired in the courtyard of the museum leaving Ramona gesticulating infatuated, and the lady at the entrance increasingly irritated. I set out to talk to my neighbor about what we want most. Maybe more decision ?!



Formal letter : apply for intership while a student                                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     the 15 th of September

                                                                                                            Dear Mr. Wonka,

    I address you this letter of intent as a result of a job announcement published on HiPo.ro, which mentioned the existence of an Assistant Manager opening at your company. I am very much interested in the work environment established by your organisation and I want to contribute to your company’s development through my own, competent work and professional skills.  I also believe that a position within your company would help me develop and expand the skills I already possess.
    I attended many courses and internships which allowed me to acquire a broad professional experience. I benefit from a year’s experience in managing a notary’s office as well as from a university education, as resulted from the attached resume.
    I hope that my knowledge of basic accounting, my communications skills, my editing and technography abilities and advanced level of knowledge of English as well as my computer skills developed during college, recommend me for a place in your team.
      While documenting about the activities of your company, I noticed with satisfaction that your profile and achievements fully meet my professional aspirations. Please consider my application for obtaining the job of assistant manager.
      I am available for the next step in the recruitment process.

                                                                                                                                                                              Elena Doleanu



Formal letter: complain about restaurant
                                                                                   Dear Madam Wonka,
  I am writing this letter to express my utter disappointment in the treatment me and my wife received in your restaurant last night.
  When we first arrived we were shocked to find out that the table we had booked in advance was already taken by somebody else, so we had to sit just in front of the toilets. We demanded an explanation from our waiter but we were left surprised by his rather gruff reply.
   Secondly, we didn’t have a lot of meals to choose from. In fact, only four different meals were available at that time due to a lack of products and we were obliged to change our minds and order steak instead of lobster. 
   Furthermore, I would also like to complain about the incompetence of your staff. There was pepper all over my wife’s dish even though we had mentioned that she was allergic. On top of that, your waiter even tried to put the blame on us, claiming we had never informed him about my wife’s allergies.
   Clearly, the biggest problem was the staff. They need to be better trained in dealing with customers and need to be taught some manners.
   I sincerely hope that the next time we visit your restaurant, all of these issues will have been tended to and that we would have a better experience.

                                                                                                                                          Yours faithfully customer,
                                                                                                                                                      Doleanu Elena

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Describe a relative who could be a good role model
                                                                              My gradmother

  Her face is always present in my mind: tall, her face:  decrepit with the passage of time, her blue eyes like the  turquoise, her hair hoary  by the silver of time.
  I still feel, as before, her gentle gaze, the slight comfort of the harsh hands of so much work, and the pretty smile I always encounter when we enter the gate of the courtyard  by turning away from school or play. She watched my presence in the fascinating world of childhood, made me feel what peace and warmth means, existence in a luminous and charming ambience, family, another realm of peace and fulfillment.
   Her diligence was first, beacuse she never rested. He caredly and passionately cared for the birds in the yard around her as the Holy Sunday in the stories of my childhood, cooking cakes  whose smell I felt even nowadays, and in moments of rest her spindle was like a sleepy tom.
    She recounts memories, told me stories, or told me fairy tales with a voice that swept over me conquering and transformed me into another world.
    This is how my grandmother's image was embedded in my mind and soul: a synthesis of perfection, of goodness of soul, of continuous labor, of diligence, of a miracle - the miracle of my childhood!


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