One dream I've had since I was little was getting recognized for my photography. I don't know how good I am at it, since nobody ever told me, but I want to know.
There was this art exhibition at our school. You had to sign up, and put your drawing/photo up next to the others. I said 'why not?'. I had nothing to lose. There were many chances I had nothing to win either, but I was too happy to actually consider this an option.
I signed up, I placed my photo very nice, up, in the middle, where it could be seen and appreciated. It had two friends wearing glasses, with rain drops on the leds. I think it was very beautiful, I loved it.
But, when I didn't expect it, the door opened and the wind flew my photo out of the window. It took it way too fast for me to reach to it and take it back. My amazing photo was taken away by the wind, not to be seen ever again.
I went home earlier that day.
I got a call, from an unindetified number. I answered nervously, and it turned out it was the director of an art museum. My picture flew onto his car and he liked it so much he needed to talk to me. I was lucky I wrote my name and number. He wanted to talk to me to see if I wanted to make more pictures and create an art gallery. I accepted imediatelly.
And yes, the art gallery was SUCH a succes!
You can't say that ain't luck!!