I have written too much today. I'm exhausted.
I'm in such a hurry, let me tell you.
I have to leave the city in aproximatelly 45 minutes. I haven't packed, and my hair is a mess. I have to take a shower, then go to the supermarket to buy some stuff, then pack this stuff also. Here I am listing everything I have to do and I should do without doing anything. I'm dying.
I also have so much homework that I can't see the top of my head! I think I'll just pop an excuse to my teachers a...d just go with it. Or I could skip class. That sounds good too.
No, I won't be doing absolutely nothing that counts as 'bad' or 'breaking the rules'. I'll just sit and do my homework, as every good, nice and 'too lazy to think of something else' student. My life is a complete mess, if you haven't realised that already. I have a lot of stuff to do, yes, but I'll do it responsably, as the very good student that I am.
I swear, tomorrow I'll sleep till 1 pm.

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