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The Neon Demon

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The most disgusting thing I've ever seen wasn't a place, some kind of food or an weird YouTube video. It was actually a movie called "The Neon Demon", which was released last year. It's a psychological horror production by the Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Elle Fanning.
           The plot seems to be very simple: an ordinary  sixteen years old countryside girl Jesse moves to Los Angeles, looking for the fame of the models. The sweet innocent gal amazes everyone with her natural beauty. At the first photoshoot, she meets makeup artist Ruby, who shows her the real industry. The other models, Ruby's friends, who are older and their looks are due to botox and perfect plastic surgeries, are envious and plan to take from Jesse what she has the most precious: her beauty. From this moment on, things start to get very creepy and disgusting. Naive Jesse trusts everyone and yet she doesn't know anyone too well. She immediately runs for help to Ruby, when she has nowhere to stay, and is offered a luxurious room. Next morning, Ruby and her friends show up and chase her, armed with knives, until poor Jesse falls into the waterless swimming pool. She dies, but, unexpectedly, this isn't the end. Confident that the gal's youth and blood will make them beautiful, the three models eat her until nothing's left. But instead of making them feel and be extraordinary, the ingested organs make them sick, so sick that they give up a photoshoot and start puking and bleeding. They go through such unbearable agony, that they decide to end their lives by cutting their stomachs.
              This movie is the most disgusting weird film I've ever seen, not because there's lots of blood, but because it presents in the most exaggerated gore way that humans can go to extreme lenghts to be perfect, adored and shows a machiavellic side to every human being.

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I remember seeing this movie in the cinema. The plot is indeed simple but this movie is all in all odd; it is not as disgusting or horror (as the movie claims to be) as it is weird. I agree with you when you say it shows the dark side of humanity even if it chooses a very unrealistic way of doing it. I personally consider seeing this movie a waste of money and time.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The Neon Demon