As I said in other texts of mine, last year was extremely interesting for me. I saw the true colors of many, many friends of mine.
But one thing I learned is that: People change.
They do really change.
Someone turned terrible, than turned into the most amazing person I have had the pleasure to meet.
Someone turned from a best friend to a legit...mate snake.
Someone turned from a best friend, who I thought cared about our friendship just as much as me, to someone able to leave me in the next second. Yes, I have gone through some stuff.
And the thing is: some people might not change at all. They might be going through something, they might be influenced. Or some mught be saying "Oh trust me, I have changed!", and they actually haven't changed at all, they just want your trust again. Don't give it to them. Don't give anything good out of you for someone that doesn't deserve it. I'm going off topic again, I apologise.
People will really change if they really care about you. I've experienced this, with the first person I've listed. I've got so much love in my heart for them. Don't listen to anyone telling you that people don't change. They probably never met someone willing to change for them. I did. And I promise you, .......... is going to worth it.

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