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Dear diary, #2

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I just hate school.
I mean, I don't hate it, I'm writing an essay right now for school, I'd be an hypocrite.
But I'm just tired.
Filology was supposed to be easy, what is this????????
Someone should have told me, and the rest of my class, that it wasn't going to be as easy as every teacher let us think it was. Here I am, with 2 more weeks left of the semester, trying to pass 5 classes and with 3 projects due next week. I'm dying.
I was invited to someone's birthday today. I was thinking "Oh my God free food and nice people, I should go!". Yes, no. I can't go anywhere, I don't have time!!! What is this!!
Next semester I'm not going to let it .......[un verb] this low. From the beggin...ing, I'm going to try and be more present at school, in class. I'm at least going to try, I don't promise anything.
And my grades are somewhere terrbile, I can't wait till I'm going to calculate my final grade. I'm so ent...usiastic, yes. Can't you tell from my writing. I'm not even putting the question mark at the end of the question, that's how happy I am.
Oh, I just want it to be over, to be able to look in the mirror and teel myself "Congratulations! You just got over one semester! One more to go and it'll be summer vacation!".
And then some more semesters and more school till 12th grade, I can't wait.

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Teachers exaggerate. They consider us robots. Do they really think that if we get a ton of themes we'll be better? NO, WE WILL NOT BE! Instead, we will be some zombies who catch their eyelids with scotch so they will not fall asleep. Honestly, if I could, I would forbid themes. And especially on vacation. IT'S VACATION! Look, for example, now is not vacation, but I have to do a hundred portfolios and read a hundred books. We will not be humans anymore



I tottaly agree with everything you say. The four years of filology have destroyed my psyche.  I`ve always tried to give all the best of me and I am now in the 12th grade to regret all this wasted time. I never had time to have fun because I had school related rebukes. Waste of time!  o.O



Yes, I understand perfectly what you say. The school is very stressful for me and it takes a lot of time. Sometimes I do not have time for activities that relax me because I have to pay more attention to the learner and school activities. %-)



Hi there, Oras din Ungaria.! Probably more than 90% of the students feel the same way you do, including me, if not a part of the teachers too. The real problem we face is the fact that our educational system is deeply damaged.  We learn, or frankly we are forced to learn, aside from the basics, a bunch of useless things that no way in hell will prepare us for life or be of any help at all. There should be some serious changes “up there” in order to get someone to care enough about our country’s future generations. Hope you’ll find the means to get through this hell called high school. Best of luck.



I think it's normal to feel tired. Many teachers think that we know a lot of things that they don't  explain to us, and after we have to write those things in tests, projects, reports. Maybe you should relax on vacation let leave your worries aside. And pray to take fire school. :cool:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear diary, #2