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You changed your opinion about somebody

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A person about I changed my opinion is a girl. It all happened two and a half years ago. Now, she's a very good friend of mine. I would never have imagined that I and that girl could be friends. We were very different. She had some bad entourages and she was very nasty. Me and my gang were different, but we were terribly bored if one was missing.
The girl was difficult and she always avenged and if you bothered her by mistake. She loves writing poems. She was always untouchable. Sometimes she could to fight the boys. One day, two classmates, who never really thought before talking, began to laugh at her with their friends. The girl had a bad day, and to everyone's amazement, she pretended not to hear everything that those girls said. I went to her to ask her what was happening, but first she told me to leave her alone. I tried several times to talk to her, and finally I succeeded. I have tried a lot to make friends with her and find out what makes her bad with the people around her. I found out she was abandoned by her parents and she was in the care of her grandmother. She never had her parents beside her. Loneliness and weakness in her soul made her behave like this. It was a kind of self-defense for her because she believed everyone would laugh if she found the truth about her. Slowly, we slowly began to talk more and more. I gave her all sorts of advice, and she understend that the world was not as bleak as she saw it before. It did not take long to make many friends, because in the depths of her soul she was a very childlike, sociable and cute person.
A radical change took place on her. A change for the better. I still talk with her, even though we are far away. I would never have thought that there could be a person so pleasant, hidden under the guise of an antisocial. She has demonstrated this to me, and I understand that you never have to judge a person until you discover him deep down.

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I find myself in what you said. We often change our minds about some people after we know each other better. Even though we initially consider them horrible, unbearable, we will soon realize how wonderful they are. Congratulations ! :yep:



I very much appreciate what you did for that girl. You are the cause for the change that took place in her. Sometimes it is hard to see beyond appearance. I think that it takes a profound perspective of life to make one be able to ignore someone’s moods, words or clothing, to see past them. Everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. We should always be kind.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » You changed your opinion about somebody