I don't even know what to write here. Last year I changed my opinion on aproximately 80% of the people I spent time with. I still do though, it's kind of hard to ignore someone you have so many friends in common .....[prepozitie] . Let me think who to start with.
Oh, yes. I'll start with my ex-best friend. I don't even think she knew she was my best friend for a short period of time. Of course it was short, I mean, I had just started to get along with her, and then something happened. Ok, I get it, everyone can do whatever they want, and nobody should give explications to nobody, it's a free country, a free world. Ok, but don't lie to my face. Don't tell me "Oh, I'm not going to do anything, you can trust me, I won't do anything to hurt you!". Don't tell me absolutelly anything if you know you're going to do something to hurt me. That's all I'm asking of someone. And yes, what she did didn't matter as much as the fact that I lost my best friend before she even knew how much she meant to me.
I know I shouldn't really judge this much, since everybody does mistakes, but she acted like an actual snake. No, I'm not exag...erating. You don't just go, get together with someone I told you not to, not only because it was going to hurt me, but because I was thinking about you!!! While I was telling her 'No, do not!', I was not thinking about me, who was going to end up in tears. I was thinking about her, who was going to get so much hate, and was going to lose so many friends, for a boy. I mean, I'm sorry, but don't say I didn't warn you and I didn't care about you. I was right here, I was willing to do so much for you. Now I don't think I can. I mean, phisically, of course I can, I am able. My councious and my respect for myself just tells me not to. I'm not capable to get along with her anymore. I can no longer look her in the eye. I just can't. I may be exag...erating, playing the victim without realising it, but all that I know is that I didn't mean it to be like this. I don't like it. I just can't make it be like it was, I can't treat her like before. I just can't. I'm in tears.
But, guess who was right? Me. Sit down.

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