I do not know if that was really a lesson. Or perhaps it was a lesson for the "me" of the past. But it's something I still remember today. I remember that I was halfway through the first grade. Then I started to wear glasses. I do not remember the reaction of my classmates and I do not know how they thought about it. But I know I was among the first children in the class who wear glasses. By the end of the year, many of my classmates started to wear glasses. Even if they had to wear them always, many of them were ashamed. I was one of those who wore them.
I loved my glasses and I wanted to wear them. I did not understand others and I did not understand why they would not want to wear them. Anyway, I really liked my glasses. But that until one day. I was doing dance classes at the Children's Palace. I had some colleagues who also went there. One day, after I had finished school, I had to go to the dance class.  Two of my classmates, who were cousins, went there and they were just before me. I shouted after them to wait for me. They pretended not to have heard me. I shouted again. One of them turned to me and shouted, "We do not walk with those wearing glasses!". Then I was very upset. I did not understand the problem with people wearing glasses. Then I was so upset about the words of those girls that I did not want to wear my glasses anymore. But my parents did not let me do that.
Today I realize that at that time I did not have to take those girls into account. They were the only ones who behaved like this. All school children were talking to me. But they have always been so. Malicious. Now, after eight years, I still know them. And yes, they are the same.
The strangest thing is that shortly after that, the one who shouted out after me started to wear glasses. Her cousin did not give her away, but she walked with a person wearing glasses. All I could do then was to go to her and say, "You look very good with glasses!".
The lesson I have learned from this happening is that you never have to listen everything you hear around you. You have to learn to be yourself without fearing that people will laugh at you.

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