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Poor or rich, it does not matter

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Poverty and wealth ... Two things that are antithetical, but which remain in a perfect balance in society, both in the old  days and nowadays. They are relative concepts: they depend on the situation of the man who analyzes them: "The garbage of one may be the treasure of another."
there were  once two very good friends who were inseparable. Being Young, they did not take into account the financial situation. The poor was not  envious of the poor, and on the other side, the rich was not ashamed to be a friend of  the needy child.
Years passed and the relationship between the two collapsed gradually, as the rich boy began to make friends with people from his social class, and they laughed at him when  they saw him together with the helpless boy .
Seeing that his rich friend had distanced  away from him, the poor man decided to talk to him, and he bitterly learned that they could no longer meet because  they were ashamed of friends and family.
Then the poor boy decided to take action and work, with the goal of demonstrating to everyone that there was no difference between the poor and the rich besides the money. He began to really want to become rich.
On the other hand, the rich boy began to do only mean  and harmful things, being influenced by his new "friends". He did not take into account money, and his wealth, slowly but surely, was beginning to disappear. On the contrary,  the poor was becoming richer and richer.
Over the age of 15, when the two of them were already mature, they decided to meet in the place where they met in childhood :on a bench in the park.
The two were amazed at each other, being totally different;the poor became a very rich man, respected in society, the rich became very poor, begging on the streets.
From this short story, we learn that ,unfortunately, the financial status is like label, even if it can.

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Very interesting story! It's very hard to get what you want, but with much work and perseverance you can get where you once dreamed to get and this story is the best example. :yep:



I really like what you wrote! It's a very good example that money doesn't help at all times. And I really liked the wording. The ending shows us the ugly truth though.. Yes, we can only try to get rid of the labels this society puts on us, but we don't succed most times. :'(



This is a very good example for those who abuse of money. In some situations, it's easier to get started ,with hard work, and to succeed, than to maintain your success, in terms of money, that you received from parents .  When you are very rich, you have much greater expense and wishes as big. While a modest man is very happy because he bought a new car, a very rich man does not know what kind of house to buy, at mountains or at sea side. Ps: a very motivating story,Razzvan!



Never should we choose our friends the way they look or how much money they have in their wallet.Your story is an example of which we all should learn. Whenever the roles can be reversed. We should not have liked to swear by their social or financial level! We are all equal!



Your oppinion is not exactly well argued but overall i agree with what you mean to say. money are just a label and, usually ,labels don't reveal the entire truth.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Poor or rich, it does not matter