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You learn a lesson

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A while ago I had a friend, and his name, was Paul. I knew him since  we were eight  and since then we were  inseparable. He was my deskmate, my  best friend and the man I  trusted the most  . Every time I had a problem I asked him for advice, when I was sad  he was one that listen ed to me . On the other side  he was the one who I  shared all my  joys with 
At some point I  heard some rumors about him that made me think . Everyone was saying  that he was a man with two sides and even suggested to me to slowly walk away from him.
It seemed absurd to me when  I heard because I was convinced that is a good friend , although I felt  asif we  longer had  that solid relationship I ignored  this. However, until I saw him one day  în the hallway, speaking with people I did not liked . He  Simply disclosed all s the secrets that I had  shared. Disappointed, I went to him and I told him we would never speak again. This way I learned that I should not full  trust  any man, because each can carry a mask.

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I like your composition! Dale Carnegie said "Do not be afraid of the enemies who attack you. Fear of your friends licking you. " Your friendly relationship is apparently sincere, based on mutual trust, affection and co-operation. However, when your friend reveals his true identity, everything is finished. It is very hard to find a true friend, so I think the most important thing in life is to be reluctant to anyone. Regardless of appearances!



There are a lot of people who do not want you. People who want to use you or people who just want to laugh at you. Over time, I had the opportunity to meet many such people. I moved away from all the toxic people around me and I tried to have my gang, my gang of people with common interests. That was what I tried. But I did not succeed. Instead, I did something much better. I formed my gang of totally different people who were filling each other. So I managed to have the best people in the world next to me. The best friend is hard to find. And to your closest friends you do not have to tell them all the secrets. Otherwise, the end is a classic story like the one you said.



This was extremely sad. I've experienced something similiar.. losing a friend is the worst pain anyone can go through. I've learned this lesson, and since then, it's very hard for me to trust anybody anymore. You're so scared of betrayal, you're scared of being left behind, of being forgotten. It feels like you can't trust anyone, no matter how close they are to you. Because you can keep saying 'no, they won't do me like this', and the exact people you're talking about in this are the ones that are going to do you so dirty, you won't be able to look them in the eye anymore. And the worst thing is, I don't know how you can anticipate this kind of situation. How can you know someone is not to be trusted? You fin this out only after they play with your trust. How ugly the truth is.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » You learn a lesson