I was in the  6th grade and it was the beginning of the school year. My colleagues and I were happy because we met again after a few months, but at the same time  a little scared, since the start o a new year was ull of tests. Our  class teacher came to us and she  announced that  we had  a  new colleague . We were urious to you know our new colleague.
We Arrived in class, and   our class teacher  invited him to the front of the class to  introduce himself. We found out  that  his name was Alex and he  came from other city.
During the break I wanted to talk to him so he could know us better, but he wouldn t move from his desk . I tried to go to speak to him , but  it was like  he didn‘t notice me. I got angry, I decided not to talk to him. a few weeks passed until one day our  class teacher  put  us in the same desk . So I started to talk more, but rarely. One day, I asked him to tell me why he  was  so cool with everyone, and then I found out that în his former class he was mocked at and hated by  everyone. Then I understood and I said that he could trust me. Since then, Alex is one of my best friends.

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