Luck ... they say you make it by yourself but for Adam, a boy from Manchester, his dog was his lucky charm.
Adam had adopted Bob three months before from an animal shelter because he needed a blond, loyal friend to bring  joy to his monotonous life.
Since then, Adam  begun to do well in everything he did: he passed all the exams  with high-grades even if he did not learn, got free stuff, won all the bets with his friends.
Adam went to school every day, and Bob remained alone. One day, when he returned, Adam found the house empty ; he panicked and started to look around.
Seeking for his dog, he walked away from the house and the city and reached a large hill, from which he saw a light that caught his attention. He was very curious so  he climbed the hill, and there was a huge plain full of four-leaf clover. Among the thousands of clovers, Adam also saw Bob bobbing among the clover. Then Adam understood why everything was perfect in his life since he adopted the dog.
Even if he could take advantage of this wonderful breakthrough, Adam took Bob home and did not return to the clover field because he wanted to get satisfaction in life on his own person, not on luck.
Since then, nobody has gone through that magical place.

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