It was a chilly morning .During my holiday at grandparents I was walking with my best friend along a lovely river behind an abandoned train station.
The smell of the freshly cut grass sourounded us and this feeling remainded me that I was in the country-side.It was a pleasant morning because the birds were chirping happily, the wind was blowing softly. We tought that it was a perfect ocasion to go fishing. We took our tools and headed for the old bridge. As we were getting closer we felt a strong smell coming from the mud under it. When we reached the best spot we noticed a white thing that turned out to be a pig's skull.I was shocked.It  got worse because there were a lot of mosquitos everywhere , a lot of trash and huge water snakes which were around really fast.
At the same time I was disappointed to see pollution even in  remoted villages but I think without that kind of experience we can't truly appreciate the importance of keeping the environment clean.
I  was sad because when I was younger I used to play with my friends and the area looked completly different.

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