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Ban fast food

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As the Romans used to say, a healthy mind in a healthy body is the most important thing for a healthy lifestyle. However, „the era of speed” we live in [...] turned most of us into hostile, resentful people, craving for things we could never have, expecting ever[...] single urge of ours to be satisfied with the speed of light. The most addictive product of our century – fast food – is sold in most OF schools, as the number of obese children is increasing dangerously. Although freedom of choice is a very important part of our democracy, I strongly support a total ban on selling fast food in schools for a number of reasons.
Firstly, schools are the best place to accustom KIDS with a healthy lifestyle.
Throughout history, THE school has played a decisive role in [...] creation of behaviors and helping children expand their understanding of everything that surrounds them. Placing such addictive, harmful products within schools is a HUGE mistake, as childhood is the age of discovering new role models. Kids look up not only to their parents, but to everything that schools have to offer. A KID who is put in front of two possible lifestyle choices will surely pick the one widely practiced in the environments schools provide. Therefore, helping them focus on the benefic models by removing junk food from schools is highly required.
Secondly, eating healthy at school helps children develop their memory and concentration skills.
Studies have shown that combining healthy nutrition with physical exercise leads to an improvement in children’s behavior, concentration and memory. Moreover, the absence of nutritious fare is mostly linked with poor grades, lack of concentration and inattention. It also leads to lifetime health consequences. Therefore, helping them discern between healthy, fresh meals and calorie-dense, nutrient-poor food, which has such tremendous consequences on children’s school performance, is indeed only doable by banning junk food.
However, some people might believe that this measure could limit people’s freedom of choice. The aim of school is to educate, to transfer knowledge, to let children understand why eating fast food is harmful, not just make them not buy it anymore by banning it. Thus, they should be entitled to their own decisions, without any influence from outside.
In conclusion, I believe that fast food should be banned from schools due its noxious effects, though there should be more attention on delivering the message of a healthy lifestyle’s importance in order to ASsure a greater understanding of this issue. As far as I am concerned, this is what education is all about:  teaching children how to learn from the mistake of others, as they cannot live long enough to make them all themselves. (Eleanor Roosevelt) – NU FOLOSI PARANTEZE, INCLUDE NUMELE IN PROPOZITIE.



It is true that fast-food in schools is not the best and the healthiest alternative, but children still have to feed themselves during the hours and this is the only alternative. Not all parents take care of the preparation of the children's package, and the bread and milk provided in schools are not so healthy, so there are not many alternatives.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » Ban fast food