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The second narrative writing - I changed my opinion about somebody

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Appearances are misleading

            I consider that acceptance of the reality, courage and calm are the most important things in life. This is the result of a series of progressive aspects, changes and goodwill in the end. What I have learned from a previous experience is that appearances are misleading, that the real essence of a person or collective is really revealed with the passage of time, not when the first interaction takes place.
  I learned this fundamental lesson in the first semester of the eighth grade. I had a new history teacher instead of the old one. The young lady was part and parcel of the same school. I have heard many negative opinions about her. "Put very, very small notes!” , ,,Never complain about her notes!”, "Do not make one”s option for history thesis, because you are doing a wrong thing! ". All of these retorts were constantly on my mind when I talked to my grown-up colleagues about the new spontaneous change that marked me. I say these things with great regret, because the former teacher was very good both  a teacher and  disability and  indulgence. Unfortunately, she could not have been our teacher because of health problems.
           The new teacher, from the very first hours, presented me very calm and mannerly. Instead, she tought a lot - whole pages. He also recommends reading a lot of books, and after that he announces a lot of reading sheets and test-papers in any chapter. Quite demanding the hour of history, even more than that, in fact, considering the capacity test.
          In the case of oral evaluation, it seemed extremely difficult to me, many of the questions were from the general culture of the teacher, not from the lessons proper. The books were hundreds of pages. All colleagues had low marks in oral evaluations and in their thesis. ,,Do not you know ? How can this be? Er, go back, four mark." I had the seven note, which caused me a great disappointment. In the case of very difficult tests, called "lightning", the whole class had seven note. With few exceptions, but I was not part of this category. Admittedly ...

             He told everyone that if we were not involved in activities, we would have  only averages from two to seven. I joined the center of excellence. It was quite tiring, but I got used to it. I helped organize and, on top of that, I also participated in a lot of history activities. At one point in time , I found out that I knew more history than Romanian and mathematics. Strange, is not it ?
          Thanks to all the books I've read, to the projects I  have worked with many pupils, the lessons I have taught thoroughly and to the center of excellence, I have earned two ten notes at history. My joy, you realize !!!!! We did not have the ten in history, unfortunately. I wanted to have ten in the humanities, for I definitely wanted to get into the philology profile.
            The lady teacher asked who  wants to participate in Olympiad. No one wanted because of the great demands that lady wanted in the class. To my joy or sadness, the teacher forced me to participate to the Olympiad. With such a teacher, I could not say "I do not want" because the whole relationship was destroyed.
          I dared and I said I will participate. I had a lot of works to do: to know the theory, to work on topics, to read very much . Preparations, sleepless nights, tears and emotions have continued since that moment. The lady was becoming more and more severe. Until the olympiad, in the second semester I got another eight. But I was not discouraged, I read all the time. I enjoyed it. I love reading because it relaxed me.
          During the competition I was quiet. Surprisingly, right? The topics seemed to me a medium level, and I passionately wrote many  pages. There was no comparison of the Olympiad subjects with what I were working with in the classroom with the teacher. The result was very good. I was  the third in the ranking.
   The lady teacher was very pleased with me. However, she remained still as severe. I had ten par in the second semester, as a reward for my efforts.
        From that moment on, I realized that although life is tough and unfair, it  puts you face to face with various difficult situations. They do not marginalize you, but they outline another way of life and thinking. In thi context, I changed my opinion abou a significant person in my life.



I always love to read such inspiring stories . I too can relate to something similar and I understand you completly. However , i believe that life is just the way we choose to believe it is and  it usually depends on our perspective. I strongly disagree with your oppinion that life is tough and unfair ; eventhough many times we are in a position were we have to climb mountains of fear , doubt and uncertainty we have the option to give up and complain or to keep going until we succeed or at least until we have reached the top.



This really is an experience that can teach you a lot! I'm glad for your results and because you've finally seen things differently, noting the positive side of some things that at first seemed to be tiring or useless.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » The second narrative writing - I changed my opinion about somebody