It's a cold night of February, about 22 PM . Wind is blowing from all the sides and I couldn't feel my ears anymore . I'm at the train station, waiting for my wagon to Constanta , the place I'm going to spend a week at. Sadly I'm the only one at my pier, which the night swallowed as the last lightbulb died . In the distance I heard the siren of my train, instantly feeling relieved that I won't have to spend a minute longer in the blistering cold. As I get into the wagon I somehow manage to bump my head with the side of the door, which woke me up and made me glance down as people were watching. Shy as ever, I'm looking for my seat number while sliding across spreaded legs of people sleeping or simply resting, until I manage to find it . After carefully placing my bag on top of the wagon I get in front of my seat, and then nothing. Started having a daydream or some sort of trance, can't even remember what was it all about, I only know I was smiling . Then, as the siren goes again the train starts moving and without any warning I'm pushed down on the seat by the momentum. Waking up from my little time-out I realised; I was finally going there to meet him; my best friend since sixth grade, my ex lover, my future husband. Never felt I have a true home, somewhere I can just cower into someone`s arms and feel safe and sound, but here I am now, marching into the unknown to make two souls dwell in one another, that thought alone feels more like home than my home was .