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Dear diary

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Dear diary,
They should teach us in schools that we’re not deathless. Has anyone ever told you that this very moment is your entire life? The universe gave us just a moment to live. What a blue moment.
This game should have some rules; time for thinking, the option to deny the offer. What if I don’t want a moment? What if I’m bad at math and I don’t know how to calculate my time?
If I hadn’t been thrown on this planet and I would’ve had time to plan my moment, it would’ve been nothing less than a second of joy.
I would have loved sincerely, for a moment.
I would have told my mom I love her as I looked into her eyes, for a moment.
I would watch the sunset, for a moment.
I would take a walk in the mountains and listen to the sound of autumn leaves in the wind, for a moment.
I would smile, for a moment.
Your moment could be the brightest. Your moment is the chance to feel these immeasurable emotions from a carnal shape. Do you remember how do butterflies in your stomach feel like?
You’ll miss the smell of rain. You’ll miss how the sunshine warms your face on a windy day.
‘No need to run and hide
It's a wonderful, wonderful life’.


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This diary page is certanly one full of thousands of meanings. I love everything you wrote here, so deep and true. I think you have an extraordinary vision of life and I really enjoyed telling me more. Live the moment, so I could summarize your thoughts. Hugs! :cool:



I like your diary page very much. I think it's the most beautiful of all the diary pages I've read so far on this site. It makes you see life from another perspective. Totally different. I think the world would be different if everybody thinks, maybe even applied, everything you wrote here. Because every minute counts. Every second counts. In fact, every moment counts.
Congratulations for what you wrote here!



These thoughts just simply blew my mind. I could not think of a better way to express the feeling of limitation. We are all going to die some day and even if we have thought about it or if we are thinking about it we don’t really understand it. The small things are the one who make our life better and for sure we’ll be much happier if we were to appreciate them more. PS: write a book. Kisses, your no.1 fan.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Dear diary